"For over 25 years, Mike Warner has been my Accountant and more recently Business Adviser. So when I downsized my business, last year, he had no hesitation in recommending the Xero Accounting System for myself and my daughter to run our new venture. Neither of us had any accounting background, but we have found using the system, with support from Charlotte Bellfield, Mike’s Xero specialist, to be very user-friendly. Keeping up to date with purchase and sales invoices, cash flow, reports, VAT and PAYE is all so simple. I would recommend this system to any small business owner."

Trevor Scott, Hampshire Hedges Ltd

"Xero is a very intuitive and simple accounting system that has helped hugely in being able to manage the business effectively. Inputting information, tracking and reconciling it is very easy. Generating reports so we have a good idea of how the business is doing is straight forward and detailed.

As well as being a good price, the biggest bonus of working with Xero is the time saving it gives us - we can work on new business, rather than spending hours trying to get the figures right. It’s just a quick run through every couple of days and everything is in order."

Lucy Smith, Incite Publishing Ltd

"I use an upcoming, online system called Xero for my day-to-day bookkeeping and VAT return.  It is very straightforward for me to use (having had no accounting background) and helps me keep a close track of my cash-flow.  It has been a huge benefit to my business and has saved me £100's in bookkeeping costs.

Mike Warner was very supportive of my decision to use Xero and he can log in at anytime to make sure I am using it correctly, without having to transfer data files. I would highly recommend the Xero accounting system and employing Mike to oversee and administer your accounts."

Stephen Lucas, Soundbite Productions Ltd

"Previously I was struggling using Sage, as I had no bookkeeping training and at the advice of our new accountant Mike Warner, we switched to Xero.

Mike helped with all the complex conversion balances transferring from one system to another and does our year end submittals, but I’m now able to complete the day to day bookkeeping in under half the time it was taking me before, allowing me to get on with other areas of my job.

The reports in Xero are so clear and simple to use I am now able to submit our VAT returns (something we used to pay our old accountant to do). Keeping on track of our cashflow and creditors is now much easier and we use Xero to create our Invoices rather than doing it manually.

As Mike can log on externally to our Xero account, if I have a query or have made an error, he can quickly resolve this remotely and he always responds to any query or problem very promptly.

I would definitely recommend Xero to anyone who doesn’t come from a financial background, especially with Mike being able to advise me when needed. Bookkeeping is no longer a chore!"

Helen Morris, Practice Co-ordinator, Milieu Consult Limited

"Mike took on the accounts for our business in 2008, and immediately set about getting them into shape and fixing the (many!) mistakes made by our previous accountants. Having done that, he then transformed the way we manage our day to day accounts, and more importantly is now providing invaluable advice to us from the wider business and strategic perspectives.

I would recommend Mike without reservation. He's enjoyable to work with and his flexible support enables us to focus on running our business."

Quentin Brook Opex Resources Ltd

"We write to express a huge thank you to Mike Warner for assisting in the production of our 2009 business projections to our mortgage lender, after our devastating house fire.  Compiling the necessary information for our lender to re-evaluate our case in such unusual circumstances has been time consuming and complex but, as a result of Mike's assistance and professionalism during this very sensitive time, we have now drawn this matter to a successful conclusion.

Mike is truly more than just a bean counter!"

Janice Burlison Burlison Photography
Burlison Photography is based in Hampshire and specialises in Wedding and Event Photography in Hampshire and surrounding counties.

"We engaged the services of Michael Warner and Company in 2005 after having a less than satisfactory experience with a larger accountancy practice. We have been delighted with the service we have received. Michael is very accommodating and efficient and provides the highest level of customer service. As Partners, we feel very confident that we have engaged an excellent accountant who looks after our interests very well."

Dorothy Shirvell Qudos
Qudos is a management and organisational development consultancy helping managers to become even better managers, thereby improving organisational performance.

“Having taken the decision to start my own business, I was quickly surprised by how many other people and organisations have a say in the running of the business and even more surprised by how little I knew about the workings of the Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise, Companies House and even my bank. Mike was able to guide me through the initial set-up phase by helping me complete the paperwork required by all these and other organisations and also by putting me in touch with other local contacts of his who could help with aspect of the business as diverse as book keeping or stationary design. Mike has always been on hand for advice and information, often at quite unsociable times, and is always very prompt in responding with information and guidance by email, phone and letter.

As an accountant, Mike knows the technical aspects of a business start-up but having actually been through a number of start-ups himself, Mike was able to offer a service that far more accurately matched my needs as a new business owner.

The service that Mike provides me is much more about the day to day running and growth of my business than the pure/traditional accountancy role and he will remain a key factor in the continuing success of my business."

Tim Long Zylpha Solutions Ltd

“We are so pleased with Mike Warner & Co. Mike is always efficient and offers a fast, personal and dedicated service.”

Linda Simons Cardwell & Simons Ltd

“Any adviser will rise to the challenge if a client is about to make an acquisition or wants to sell the company. But the real test of advisers' commitment to the client is how they deal with the mundane stuff, such as that irritating communication you pass on to them from the Inland Revenue. If I send something over to Michael Warner & Company, the answer always comes back without me having to give it a second thought, and I can rely on the response. And when Michael Warner & Company quote a price, they stick to it. If I should then phone with a particular question, for some advice, even if it doesn't really have anything to do with the matter in hand, Mike Warner will give a view and it isn't accompanied by the sound of a meter ticking.”

Larry Dillner Decision Magazine

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