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Mike has acted as advisor and accountant to several hundred SME’s during his career. Many of these grew from ‘standing starts’ to achieve turnovers in the millions and some were sold for significant sums.

Over the years, Mike has built and sold several of his own companies. This means his clients benefit from his direct experience of the many facets of running a business.

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the world of accountancy, which has enhanced Mike’s ability to help his clients.

Until about seven years ago, accountants, like Mike, were usually starved of up to date information, as their records were maintained on their office computers. A request for up to date accounts might depend on whether or not the bookkeeper was on holiday. Clients rarely knew how to extract data from their accounts system, typically either Sage or Quickbooks.

All that changed radically with the arrival from New Zealand of the Cloud accounting pioneer, Xero.

In 2013, Michael Warner & Company were proud to be one of the UK’s early adopters and today over 90% of their business clients use Xero.

This has indeed revolutionised Mike’s ability to be an effective and valued advisor, with 24/7 access to clients records and has given him the ability to spot opportunities to provide proactive business and tax advice.

After many years in practice, Mike remains passionate about his work. He gains great pleasure from seeing his clients succeed. As a businessman himself, he understands and has had experience of the ups and downs of running a business and the determination required to be successful and overcome difficulties.

Away from the office, Mike enjoys travelling and is currently learning Italian. He remains a potentially competent golfer.

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